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Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

Added: 17.11.2015. 08:23     Version: 2016

Ashampoo Burning Studio 2016. Free is a full featured CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burning suite that enables you to create data, music, video and audio discs. You can also create backups that span across multiple ...

Classic Shell

Added: 16.11.2015. 09:15     Version: 4.2.5

Classic Shell is a collection of features that were available in older versions of Windows but were later removed. It has a customizable Start menu and Start button for Windows 7 and Windows 8,10, it ...

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Free

Added: 16.11.2015. 09:02     Version: 14.1.011

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Firewall Free - The only all-in-one free security that seamlessly integrates award-winning Antivirus and ZoneAlarm Firewall together for maximum protection and performance.Detects ...

GWX Control Panel

Added: 11.11.2015. 09:22     Version: 1.5.0

GWX Control Panel (formerly GWX Stopper) is a free tool that can remove and disable the Get Windows 10 notification area icon on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Newer versions can also disable Upgrade to Win ...

Geek Uninstaller

Added: 06.11.2015. 14:51     Version:

Geek Uninstaller is a software uninstaller that offers several advantages over the standard Windows software uninstall applet. It comes with a no-nonsense GUI that lets you view and sort all installed ...

Ashampoo AntiSpy

Added: 06.11.2015. 14:46     Version:

During Windows setup many of these settings are pre-configured and in many cases it remains unclear to what extent Windows 10 will send out usage data. Do you really want to allow Windows 10 to access ...


Added: 15.10.2015. 14:24     Version: 5.06

HWiNFO, HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 are professional hardware information and diagnostic tools supporting latest components, industry technologies and standards. These tools are designed to collect and pres ...


Added: 15.10.2015. 14:22     Version: 5.06

HWiNFO32 is a professional hardware information and diagnostic tool supporting latest components, industry technologies and standards. This tool is designed to collect and present the maximum amount o ...

Comodo Dragon

Added: 15.10.2015. 14:18     Version:

Comodo Dragon is a Chromium based Browser that offers enhanced privacy and security features over the standard Chromium core. Most of the features as well as the interface are almost identical to Goog ...

Zoom Player

Added: 13.10.2015. 13:41     Version: 11.0

Zoom Player is the most Powerful, Flexible and Customizable DVD and Media Player for the Windows PC platform. Using our powerful Smart Play technology, more media formats play with less hassle, improv ...