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FireTorrent Extension

Added: 26.08.2009. 14:08     Version: 1.0.6

The FireTorrent extension strives to offer the most user-friendly BitTorrent experience. Weve integrated the torrents manager as a seperate tab in your browsers download manager, and torrents can be d ...


Added: 25.08.2009. 10:46     Version: 0.8.3

Racer is a cross-platform car simulation project which is high on realism, employing accurate car movements and controls to maximum effect. The fact that its open source means that what you download a ...

Pool Rebel

Added: 25.08.2009. 10:35     Version: 2.2

Feel like a pool game? Now you dont need to go to the nearest pool hall anymore, simply run Pool Rebel on your computer!Pool Rebel is a small pool game that lets you play several varieties of pool: 8- ...

123 Free Solitaire

Added: 22.08.2009. 13:17     Version: 2009 7.0

123 Free Solitaire 2008 features a winning layout, fast game play, rich sounds, extensive options, and quality help. Each game has more than nine trillion possible shuffles to play, so the game rema ...

Bowling Evolution

Added: 19.08.2009. 23:30     Version: 1.07

Bowling Evolution is a realistic bowling game for PC with online high scores. Its completely free to download and play. The game supports tenpin bowling and challenge bowling. Compete against other Bo ...

Perfect Utilities

Added: 17.08.2009. 22:15     Version: 2.0

Perfect Utilities is a freeware PC optimization tool.It combines more than 20 tools in one bundle to clean, optimize and speed up your system performance. It offers an attractive and easy to use inter ...

Thoosje Windows 7 Sidebar

Added: 17.08.2009. 10:07     Version: 1.0

Thoosje Windows 7 Sidebar is a Windows 7 Style sidebar for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista that has gadgets like media players, Stickys, Calculators, Google search, Yahoo search, and a large number of ...

Mini Golf Maniacs

Added: 13.08.2009. 19:56     Version: 1.0

Mini Golf Maniacs is a free mini-golf game with fun graphics, good gameplay and several playing modes: one hole, coin gathering, tournament or multiplayer game online. Simply select the mode you like ...


Added: 12.08.2009. 12:00     Version: 2.0

Cloudtris, a new variant of the classic game Tetris, but added with some special blocks.


Added: 12.08.2009. 10:53     Version: 1.2

WinShortcuts is a powerful application launcher and shortcut manager. It allows you to manage a list of shortcuts to applications, folders and files and launch them in a quick and convenient way. Shor ...